Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I borrow?
Currently, you can borrow from B$2,500 to B$25,000, subject to credit referencing and scoring. We will increase the maximum amount in stages up to B$50,000. Details of what is currently available are set out on the page All About Borrowing.
How much can I lend?
You can lend from BDS$2,500 up to whatever you want in BDS$25 increments. Details of the current interest rates are set out on the Enhance Your Returns page.
What is this website?

This website is an "Online Peer to Peer Borrowing & Lending Marketplace for Unsecured Personal Loans". It is where people who wish to borrow money, "Borrowers", are matched with those who wish to lend money in order to earn interest, "Lenders".

Using the combination of a sophisticated online ID authentication service, credit checks and bespoke credit scoring models, we carefully verify the ID, the creditworthiness and the credit reference of the Borrower. We analyse the available data and allocate a credit score. Our credit risk decision engine then decides whether the Borrower is an acceptable credit risk.

The Lenders allocate their funds in small slices over many loans. The loans are automatically matched with Lenders' money by comparing the Borrower’s loan details, such as amount and term, to the Lenders’ Lending Preferences. If the two are compatible, then a match is made!

This site is managed to effect such transactions for both Lenders and Borrowers in an easy, fair and safe environment for the user participants.

Still not sure?

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