About Carilend

Carilend is the first Peer to Peer lending site in the Caribbean aiming to bring together Borrowers and Lenders to give a better deal and a better experience to both.

We match Borrowers who need a loan with investors who want to be Lenders. By cutting out the middleman, we cut out the costs and pass on these savings in the form of better rates to both Borrowers and Lenders.

Our model is based on the UK Peer to Peer lending industry that has been operating successfully since 2005. This model brings the best technology, the best operating standards and the best customer experience from the UK to the Caribbean.

We are launching first in Barbados, but we plan to bring this approach to the wider Caribbean as soon as possible.

Why Did We Start

When we looked around the Caribbean at investing and borrowing money, we wanted to bring great options, fantastic customer experiences and very efficient processes for everyone. Whether consumers are investing their money to see it grow or are at a point where they need to borrow in order to achieve their goals and dreams, Caribbean consumers deserve great service, individual pricing and more choice.

We searched globally for the most admired, technologically enabled way to revolutionise this experience. We learned about the exponential growth and the wonderful customer experience of Peer to Peer lending around the globe. We examined the many variations and models and quickly decided we would build our business on the principles and processes used in the UK, which have become recognised globally as the best run and most admired.

Now we are delivering that great customer convenience and experience, greater choice and better pricing for all to the Caribbean.

Peer-to-peer lending is the practice of lending money to individuals or businesses through online services that match lenders directly with borrowers.

Meet the Barbados Team

Mark Young

Mark Young

Jade Worme

Jade Worme

Lender Relations and Marketing Manager
Natalie Best

Natalie Best

Customer Service and Loan Processing Specialist
Charlene Phillips

Charlene Phillips


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