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At Carilend, we have made the process of borrowing money in the Caribbean simple, quick and flexible. We simplified the process into a few easy steps online. Simply submit all your information and supporting documents in a secure manner, online, in just a few minutes.

If you submit everything we need and it all checks out, you will have your answer in a few hours and your money in your account in a few days.

Our terms are fair and flexible for all. We will tell you clearly and simply what it costs, what the terms are and how much your monthly payments will be. It’s flexible too! If you want to pay back early, you can repay the loan in full at any time with a few simple clicks.

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All About Borrowing

Peer to Peer lending cuts out the middleman and brings convenience, simplicity, fairness and flexibility to the process of getting a loan.

Convenient Personal Loans

Peer to Peer lending brings together Borrowers and Lenders. Our convenient online application process can be completed in a few minutes, and you will get your answer in a few hours as long as you have provided all of the information that we need. Find out more about how it works by exploring the information below or click below to get started right away!


5 Checks Before You Apply

We want to make the process of applying quick and simple so here are 5 things you need to check before you apply:

  • You are between the ages of 21 and 65
  • You have been resident in the Caribbean country you are applying from for a minimum of 3 years
  • You have a regular source of income which is paid into a local $ bank account in the Caribbean country you are applying from
  • You earn a net salary of at least B$1800 a month
  • You have a good credit history

Easy Process

Our online loan application process is simple and quick to complete. If you have everything available, you can complete your application in minutes. Everything we need to assess your ability to repay a loan successfully is collected safely and securely online.

You will need to register with your personal details and complete an application form giving details of your employment, residence and finances. You will also need to upload documents to prove your identity and validate your employment and banking details.

To get a full list of all our requirements and to learn more, click on the link below.


Why Choose Carilend Personal Loans?

  • Personalised loan rates based on your personal credit score
  • Loans in Barbados $ from $2,500 to $25,000 - the limit is currently $25,000, and this maximum amount will increase in stages up to $50,000
  • Pay back over 1 year to 5 years
  • One fixed monthly repayment
  • Repay early at any time

To find out more about our requirements, click the link below.

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